Hi there! I’m Marissa and I’m really really happy you decided to check out my blog!


I’m definitely interested in learning all about you and what you like to do, but I’m assuming since you made it to this page, you want to know about me…I’ve never been all that good at describing myself, but here goes.

I’m a recent grad of JMU, which is just about my favorite place in the entire world. I just moved to Arlington and am working out in the Northern Virgina/DMV area and so far, I love it. I love dogs, baking and cooking, running, eating, and hanging out with my friends. Oh and I’m a huge nerd so I love reading and talking about anything that has to do with technology, coding, or databases.

I decided to create this blog as a creative outlet where I can share ideas, my various activities in the Northern VA area and any recipes that I deem worthy of being seen on the internet.

I hope you enjoy and thanks for stopping by!! đŸ™‚