Half Marathon Training (wks 3-5)

November 3, 2017

So now that it’s been another couple of weeks, I thought I’d write about how training is going.

I am still really loving it! I’m so happy that I decided to train for this half marathon. It’s one of the more difficult things I’ve done athletically, but I’m having a blast.

It’s been tough with work for sure, especially since I’ve been especially busy the last several weeks, but I’m still fitting it all in and getting things done. I’m thinking that I may start doing some of my runs during lunch at work though. I think it would work out pretty well.

We have a shower and it’s going to be dark when I get home after this weekend, so I think it could be the perfect thing. It’s either that or do pretty much all of my training on the treadmill, which doesn’t sound like the most fun thing in the world to me though.

My longest run thus far has been 7 miles. It actually felt pretty good. I have a shorter run planned this weekend, but that is because I am going to a pie baking class with my mom for her birthday! I can’t wait 🙂

My runs for the last 3 week have been a steady increase of mileage:

Week 3:

Week three I only ran 4.04 of the scheduled 11.25 miles, but I did a lot of strength training and stretching work this week.

I re-arranged some of these runs for the following week.

Week 4:

I ran 16.69 miles out of the 10.50 miles scheduled. this is because my Saturday long run that was scheduled for the week, I moved to Sunday when I had more time.

Week 5:

Week 5 was a little slow. I was super busy and couldn’t get in all of my runs, so I only got in about 10 miles.

I ran 2.42 miles on Wednesday and then 7 miles plus a one mile walk on Friday. I realized I didn’t get many runs in, but 7 miles still felt really good. I think prioritizing sleep was a really good thing this week.

Overall it’s going pretty well. I think I will definitely be ready come December 10th. My goal is definitely not to be the fastest, but it’s also to never stop running, so right now I’m feeling pretty great 🙂

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