Half Marathon Training Weeks 1&2

October 24, 2017

I’m currently in week 4 of training for my first half marathon. I love running and have been thinking about running a half for a long time…I just wanted to do something that was more than a 5K. I haven’t done a 10K, but for some reason a half marathon sounds like it’ll be really fun.

Long story short, I asked a friend of mine to run it with me thinking he would say no, but he didn’t! So I now have a running buddy and I’m doing a half marathon! I’m so excited 🙂

Most half marathon plans are 12-14 weeks. Mine is no different. It’s a 12 week long plan ending with our half marathon on December 10th.

We’re using the Nike Run Club app as our trainer…we didn’t really do that much research and I’d heard it was a good one. So far so good if you ask me. It tailors the plan to you based on your current mileage and speed and it adapts to you as you complete the weeks of the training program.

It also suggests a schedule that can be edited to fit your schedule during the week…Which is nice as long as you remember to give yourself proper rest.

I think it’s going to be a learning process…how to fuel my body correctly, how to train for something longer than a 5-6 mile run…all of it will be a little new and I couldn’t be more excited.

Running is easily one of my favorite things, especially after a tough and stressful day and now I get to look forward to a fun race t-shirt (and a sticker on the back of my future Jeep :P)

I’m planning on tracking my progress here, so I can see it in something other than an app. I want another place to be accountable and to keep track of how my training is feeling (because some runs suck a lot more than others and some weeks are freaking awesome).

The first two weeks of my training were pretty easy…the longest run was 6 miles, which wasn’t too bad. I’m sure it’ll pick up here in the next couple of weeks.

I’m pretty used to running between 3-5 miles, so 6 wasn’t pushing it too much. The only downside is that my neighborhood is super hilly, so most of my runs are a little slow. Hopefully that will be something that helps me on race day 🙂

I can’t wait to document this process of training!

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