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February 16, 2017

What a week it’s been…it was great. I might be actually starting to like living in Arlington. I mean I never disliked it, but it’s taken a while to grow on me.

This past week was my last week at my current project and now I have three weeks of training and getting ready for my new one. I can’t wait! I’m so excited to learn something new.

The week started out with the Super Bowl, which was so much fun! I wasn’t really invested in the game at all…I would have been happy with either team winning. I just wanted it to be a good game. I didn’t think the game was that good until the end and by then I started cheering for the first overtime in Super Bowl history πŸ˜›

I loved hanging out with my friends and eating all the snacks though πŸ™‚ Everyone brought tons of food and I don’t think I’ve ever seen more cheese-based dishes in one place before…it was heaven πŸ™‚

Monday was a normal busy day at work and then I came home and took a yoga class at Gold’s Gym. I just joined the gym a few weeks ago, but I hadn’t made it to a class yet. I’m so glad that I finally did! The class was amazing and I was sore for days….I’m definitely going to go back and try a few more of the classes later this week.

After the gym, I made dinner….I started adding this roasted garlic and herb seasoning to green beans when I cook them and it is beyond good πŸ™‚



I also had some chicken that I marinated in the same seasoning. It’s safe to say I’m obsessed.

Later in the week I also got a new package from ThredUp. I’m in love with them. I love being able to get lightly used clothing for a much less expensive price. Especially the athletic wear. Most of the time it still has the tags on!! It’s fantastic πŸ™‚

This latest purchase from ThredUp had a couple of pairs of flats (because I’m trying to be nicer to my feet) and some Athleta leggings.


Lets fast forward to the weekend because let’s be honest, that was the best part of the week.

Friday night my friends had a game night, so beforehand I went to the gym for a quick run and then got ready to head out…I also made some of the most delicious cookies of all time. I’ll have to post the recipe soon, but they were the softest, most chocolate-y and yummy cookies of all time.

Everyone loved them and I came home with none left over…luckily for me, I didn’t use all the batter so I could make some more for family dinner on Sunday πŸ™‚

Saturday was the best day. I was so so so productive, it was great. I started out the day with some coffee from a new-to-me coffee shop!


It’s called Rockin Joe’s Coffee Bar and it’s seriously the best. Kelley went with me and we both loved the coffee art and it tasted absolutely delicious. I’m so happy that we went to try it πŸ™‚

I also got all my laundry done, cleaned all of the dishes, my whole house, and baked banana bread for breakfast/snacks throughout the week. I felt like a champ…and I did all that before 5 pm shortly after which my parents came to pick Kelley and I up to take us to DC for the Caps game!

I also had a frozen burrito bowl from Trader Joe’s for lunch…so so so good! I would highly recommend. I just added some salsa and some tortilla chips to go with it and it was perfect. I mean it’s no chipotle, but if you’re looking for about a half-priced alternative, it’s a good one.


Also, the funniest little comic was in the Trader Joe’s ad.


I’ve never been to a hockey game before, but now all I want to do is go to more! It was the best! Hockey is such a fast paced game and I definitely am no expert, but I love watching even on TV so going in person was fantastic.

The JMU alumni association was having a special deal for the tickets where we got a a ticket with unlimited food and drinks until the end of the second period and a T-shirt. It was too good a deal to pass up, plus I got to hang out with my favorite JMU buddies πŸ™‚


During one of the breaks, they brought out this mini blimp that looked like a Toyota Rav4, which cracked me up…it was floating all around the rink πŸ˜›

IMG_0149 - Copy

The game was super fun though! I can’t believe I’ve never been to one before and I can’t wait to go back! We were up in the nosebleed seats, but to be honest, there aren’t really any bad seats in the Verizon Center. I didn’t feel like I was too far away at all. I loved it and I loved it even more because I got to go with some of my best JMU buds and my parents πŸ™‚

After the game Kelley and I came back and plopped on my couch and chatted for hours…and then we went to sleep which was pretty lame I guess, but it was perfect. I need her to move out here pronto. Or to just move in with me as soon as my lease is up πŸ˜›

Sunday was a fun day as well! Kelley and I got up and went back to Rockin Joe’s Coffee Bar (we have a coffee problem, I’m aware). It was just as good the second time and I have to say the barista’s were absolutely the sweetest, which is something you don’t see around here much.

After coffee, Kelley headed home and I headed to Church. I’ve been going to Capital Life Church out here and I have to say I love it. Pastor Bill and his wife and everyone that I’ve met there are some of the most genuine people I’ve met since moving here. I think it’s hard to find people like that and I’m beyond happy that google brought me to their church.

Once the service was over, some of my friends and I got together for lunch. We went to Texas Jack’s in Clarendon. I’ve driven past it a bunch of times, but I always thought it looked really run down.

Much to my surprise, it’s super nice and modern on the inside. It’s like a slightly fancy, but also slightly country, cute, little place with pretty good BBQ.


I got a pulled pork sandwich with fries. It was really good. The meat wasn’t too dry and the fries…man, I never really like fries unless they’re sweet potato, but these were so good. It was a great post-church meal πŸ™‚

After that, I came home, grabbed some cookies that I had made on Friday and headed out to my parents house.


I promise I was stopped at a light when I took this photo, but it was too pretty not to share. I love any type of sunset that makes my hometown look pretty because I’m not going to lie, it’s very hard to do πŸ˜›

I hope you all had great weeks/weekends!

Have you ever been to a hockey game? What’s your favorite sport to watch?

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